Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can't Stop Talking. It's Normal.

Mom, you are right.

My mom was with us for a few days before moving to Naknek, Alaska (read about it). As we were packing up and taping boxes to ship up there, she told me that Josh and I talk more to each other than any couple she knows. She wonders how on earth we get anything accomplished. You might wonder.

Here's a classic example from just last night.

Josh and I met after work to go to a coffee shop to be productive. I picked him up so we could talk and drive together. He had a list of things to do, and well, I went to keep him company. Normal.

We ended up having three significant discussions. Significant, meaning, it influenced our thinking, enhanced our communication skills, and drew us closer together. The goals of all conversations. One was on family, how we interact with various members. Another was on the situation with our church and our amazing pastor, Tom Brock. We are so proud to be members of Hope. The third was on vows and divorce. After a few hours, we agreed to continue at a later time, and he quick returned to studies.

I love my husband.

He's my best friend.

We left his car at work so we could drive home together. On the way home we read Nahum. It was a normal evening.

This is why we review priorities. What does that mean?

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