Friday, September 24, 2010

Protective-Restrictive Difference

We hit 10 months of marriage, and we've been learning more about our differences. For one, he's a Honda guy and I like Toyota. Another difference that seems a little more significant for our marriage right now is our Protective-Restrictive Difference. We can look at the exact same situation and think totally different things.

Some Small-scale Examples
Josh always wears shoes outside, and I would endure much pain if I can remain barefooted as long as possible. Shoes to Josh are protective, to me, restrictive. He would carefully take out a cutting board, and I'd dice the tomato from my hand. He would turn on lights, and I would run through the dark... while thinking, How far can I make it without running into or stepping on something? I totally used to do this as a kid through a yard with dog mines. True, the chance of injury (or stepping in poop) is greater for me, but time saved somehow seems worth it to me.
I'm time-oriented, and Josh is quality-oriented. We're grateful for this.

For me, I get some sort of thrill with the challenge. Josh is a little more practical, I think. He doesn't care so much if I swim across the pool faster, because in the end, he won't be the one who lost a contact, got a charley horse, and swallowed a bunch of chlorine.

How does this Protective-Restrictive Difference apply to life on a larger scale? I haven't quite figured that one out.

So when it comes time to buying a mini-van (cuz everyone's doin' it), which do we get? Honda or Toyota?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

#1 Organizer - Tubs

I've been throwing away our can't-see-inside-falling-apart-multiple-sizes-cardboard boxes by the stacks, and I'm replacing them with these.

We looked ridiculous pushing two carts of tubs around Costco, but you know what people were thinking? Organized. That sure was what we were thinking. When I got home, I organized hand-me-down baby clothes from my sister into half a dozen of them - and labeled them by sizes. I'm feeling like a motivated wife.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cat's Pajamas

"Cat's pajamas" was a phrase used frequently in my dad's family. I heard it all the time growing up. True story: my little brother totally just brought it back. It was originally used in the 20's, kinda meaning cool or maybe radical, groovy, da-bomb, neat-o.

Cat's Pajamas
a haiku by me
he's the cat's 'jammies
so in love with him i know
my hubby joshie


Sometimes after I talk to Josh, before I walk away, I bend my knees, twist, and bow a little. It's sort of to let him know these things.

I respect you. 
You are so worth my time. 
I love talking to you. 
I wanna be your girl.
You're pretty much the cat's pajamas. 

how 'bout this...

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