Saturday, June 22, 2013

How To Back Your Baby (Infant to Toddler)

Remember when I told you I learned to tie Elijah on my back the African way? This is where I teach YOU! I will always be grateful for West African women demonstrating "backing" their babies (and for the missionary who encouraged me to give it a shot). Elijah was the wiggliest, energetic buddle of love -- walking at 8 months! If he can learn to be "backed", just about any baby can. It takes practice, but it's well worth the trouble. I've recorded an instruction video and written out the steps.

Instruction Video

How To Back Your Baby (Infant to Toddler)
  1. Loosely wrap the 2-yard fabric around your waist to keep it accessible.
  2. Lean over and lift your baby onto your back.
    (Have a spotter or a bed behind you the first few times until you and your baby get used to balancing on the back.)
  3. Lift the cloth from your waist over your baby and center it under both your baby's and your armpits.
    (The cloth could also go over the baby's arms if he/she is sleeping or smaller.)
  4. Fold one side over the other and tuck under at the top.
    (At this point your baby should be secure is the cloth is under his/her. Stay leaning over if the cloth is over the baby's arms.)
  5. Lift the bottom edge of the cloth just under your baby's bottom and pull your baby's legs to either side of you.
    (An infant's legs will stay inside the cloth and a toddler's outside.)
  6. Twist the two ends of the bottom edge of the cloth together in front of you and tuck them under. Done!
  7. If your baby falls asleep: Lean forward, untuck the top edge infront of you, lift the cloth over your baby's arms just under his/her neck, and re-tuck. This will cradle the baby until you can lay him/her down.
    (The cloth is a great little bed when there is none.)
Sleeping outside with fellow MK.

Sleeping at a restaurant.
Sleeping at home in the kitchen.

When I learned to "back" him, my chores became easier. It's much easier to wash dishes, cook dinner, clean floors, do laundry, etc... when Elijah's on my back and not under my feet, crying, or getting into trouble. Besides, he loves watching me work and feels included. And don't give up. You may even look like I did when I first started!

If you'd like cloth to try yourself, email me. We suggest a $20 donation to our Wagner Vehicle Project fund. Considering carriers go for $50-100, this isn't bad. And the cloth is straight from Sierra Leone, where our family will be serving as missionaries. Here are some samples.

Some of the cloth available to you!
I was pretty pleased to find a similar video on youtube and another and another..


  1. Awesome! I would love to support your ministry and wrap my little ones! The link does not work for me!

    1. Melissa, I just saw this comment. I'd love to send a cloth back for you. We are in Sierra Leone now. Please email me your info jrwagner(at)


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