Friday, June 18, 2010

Google Docs & Priorities

Each week Josh and I review our priorities and make a schedule for the coming week (sometimes two weeks). We have a working google document that both of us can edit simultaneously from anywhere that has internet access. This is important since we often think of things to add/change when we're away from home. This has been one of the most effective tools we've had for doing a weekly review, being productive, communicating expectations, and prioritizing. It prevents an enormous amount of conflict. Josh is a talented system builder and organizer, and I think that this is one of his best! So, I'm going to let you in on the fun. P.S. It's a great opportunity to grab some coffee and cuddle for an hour each Saturday. Do a "Save As" and organize your life!

Here's the masterpiece.

Tips Just for You:
  • Designate: We designate each job to make it clear (e.g. r, do laundry; jr, drive to Illinois).
  • Complete: We strike out tasks that are finished throughout the week and then delete them at the end.
  • Project & Prioritize: The 4-section priorities chart is not just for weekly tasks. We have stuff on there for months to come and move them onto the weekly schedule as time allows. We mark time sensitive tasks (e.g. j, buy school books for management course (6/17); r, use shutterfly coupon (7/23))
  • Reminders: Remember the Milk has a great reminder system that texts your phone. I get my task list every morning at 7am.
  • Calendars: We keep separate google calendars and share them online.
  • Have fun! This is to help you, not stress you out. 

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