Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Squirrel vs. Josh

Squirrels are not welcome in our apartment.

Josh woke up early to enjoy the morning with a cup of coffee and his laptop. It's a beautiful day today - no snow, hail or tornados - so the window was open. While he was sitting there, a squirrel jumped into our apartment through the window, a few stories off the ground! They were probably equally thinking, Oops, probably shouldn't have done that.

After chasing him for awhile, Josh came and gently woke me up to join the fun. I'm so glad he didn't wake me up while said squirrel was in the bedroom. Oy. That squirrel ran around the apartment and found clever hiding places to catch his breath. There was a lot of squirrel-jumping, pot-banging, broom-wacking, furniture-climbing, light-shining, shelf-emptying, chair-standing, and squeeking. I must not have been that threatening because it ran across my feet and legs multiple times. (I've felt squirrely all day!) In the end, after an hour and a half, Josh was the conquering hero. The squirrel climbed back out the window defeated. Now to find the window screens...

Our home is not your home, Squirrel.
Yes, that's a cellphone light.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Attack of the Charley Horse

My calf tried to kill me last night.

The last time Charley Horse attacked was two years ago when I was racing Josh across a pool in North Dakota. Sooooo not fair. Anyway. Last night was more abusive then said pool attack as Charley grabbed my leg in my sleep. Taken completely off guard, I sat up, promptly let out a yelp, leapt out of bed, and stomped on it--which gave me the upper hand. Oy!

My poor husband. It took some explaining this morning.

Know why it's called a Charley Horse? 
Because it feels like you got kicked by this.
(among other reasons, I'm sure)

Here are some other names for it:

USA: Tommy Horse
UK: Deadleg, Grand Daddy or Chopper
Australia: Corked Thigh or "Corky"
German: Pferdekuss - "horse's kiss"
Norway: Lårhøne - "thigh hen"
Netherlands: Ijsbeen - "ice leg" 
France: Béquille - "crutch"
Portugal: Paralítica - "paralyzer"
Japan: Komuragaeiri - "cramp in the calf"
Northwest Italy: Vecchia - "old woman" or Dura - "hard/tough one"
South Italy: Morso di Ciuccio - "donkey bite"
Israel: Regel Etz - "wooden leg"

I find this interesting. I'm a linguist.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God-Mother's Day

Yesterday Jacob, my dashing godson, called me on Skype
to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. 

My heart melted. 

Wouldn't yours?

These were the highlights of our conversation:

Funny faces
Brushing Teeth
Being 4
Uncle Josh

Just in case you wonder what a godmother and godson talk about.
You can find out more about him on my sister's blog.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What makes my tiny kitchen so lovable?

Our kitchen is minuscule, but it gets a lot of love. Josh has helped me utilize the space, and its best feature is a tall ceiling. I would love to paint and organize a bit more, but I thought I'd let you peek at one of my favorite places.

Here are the things that make my kitchen so lovable:

Pot Rack
Spice Shelves
Industrial Shelving (under the counter)
Pegboard (above the oven)
Knife Magnet
Coffee Bar (above the sink)
Shelving (above the cupboards)
Under-Cabinet Lighting (just for romance)
Padded Floor Mat
Red Cupboard Curtains

how 'bout this...

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