Friday, August 27, 2010

Spoil Him - Pack a Lunch & Write a Note

I pack Josh a lunch everyday, unless work provides lunch. Okay, there have been a few times that I just plain forgot! Yes, I felt so bad. Men need their lunches. Here are some things that I think about to make this easy.

  1. Cook enough for leftovers the night before. I'm lucky he likes leftovers.
  2. Keep emergency foods in supply... like peanut butter. He loves it. I use it sparingly, so it's like a treat more than a oh-no-I-forgot-your-lunch food. I also send soup cans with him occasionally for a stash for the really forgetful/busy days.
  3. Keep a fruit basket of favorites by the door. He grabs 1-2 everyday if I don't include it in his lunch. 
  4. Make easy snacks. I try to keep foods that last several days in portions, like yogurt and boiled eggs. It's super easy when I have this. So worth it! 
  5. Have salad toppings on hand. It's amazing how some almonds, craisins, and boiled eggs can make spinach and lettuce so happy, especially with a favorite dressing (and grilled chicken if I think ahead). 
  6. Include a note. This turns any lunch good or bad into one of the best parts of his day. Easy!

The other day I saw a guy quietly loading frozen meal after frozen meal on the belt. I was tempted to say, "You poor thing. You need a wife." I didn't, of course. But I decided that my man isn't going to be ashamed of his meals. My probably motivation is found in his response. Here's a text I got from him today: 

Josh: "my wife spoils me" - to coworker as I prepare an amazing gourmet burrito. "looks good" he said as he put water into his ramen noodles.


  1. Ruthie, I love your blog! Thanks for your comments on how you are learning to wife. They are good reminders. Food is one of the ways we can show our hubbies we love and appreciate them!


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