Thursday, May 27, 2010

Read to Me

This morning my Love pulled a chair into our cozy kitchen and read to me while I did a couple days worth of dishes. We're reading the Bible in a year, chronologically and aloud. It's wonderfully bonding for us.

Someone told me that it's best to learn together, then one spouse isn't always catching up with the other or expecting the other to know what they learned. Studying the same things gives us a lot to talk about, so you'll often find us reading something out loud to each other, especially while driving.

I hope we can take time for this if/when we have a family.

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  1. i love the way this list is laid out. dave and i are currently both doing the 'victory' plan, which is similar in the chronological and the 1 year aspect, but it has an old and new testament reading, plus a psalm or proverb every day. ADD me couldn't handle that, so i've dropped the new testament readings until i'm done w/ the old. i couldn't keep track of all that. plus, i like to do the 'proverb a day' thing throughout the month... anyway, i like the way this is laid out better and look forward to using this list when i finish this time! ;) and good for you about reading together. we tried that for awhile, but couldn't seem to make it work. i'd love to try again, though. wow. that was a long comment!


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