Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazon Prime, Totally Worth It

My Josh is the king of shopping online, and I'm learning. The biggest disadvantage is outrageous shipping costs. So... we have Amazon Prime. How can you beat 2-day FREE shipping? Almost free. There's a yearly fee, but if you shop online as much as we do, it's totally worth it. We even buy paper towels online and save. Costco and Walmart aren't always the cheapest around.

There are so many more perks about shopping at Amazon. We use it for price checks and reviews. This is the process I go through.
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  1. Type in what I want.
  2. Limit the search items eligible for Prime.
  3. Sort by department and by bestselling.
  4. Compare lowest and highest reviews of a few options. 
  5. Compare with other sites like Froogle (I rarely benefit from this step).
  6. Dump it on my wish list and talk to Josh about it.
  7. Click buy or save for later, and don't get in my car.
  8. Get it at home two days later. Amazing!
It saves me a trip, and I don't get stuck with items of poor quality.

P.S. Amazon's Customer Service and return policies/practices are the best we have ever seen.

It's true.

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  1. hi ruthie! so are you abandoning your other blog now? or keeping both. just curious.

  2. I'm keeping both. The other one is for ministry and work, and this one is for "learning to wife." :) It's more of the practical day-to-day stuff.

  3. P.S. I'm glad you found me, Rachel.

  4. gotcha. btw, love the luther quote! ;)


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