Friday, September 24, 2010

Protective-Restrictive Difference

We hit 10 months of marriage, and we've been learning more about our differences. For one, he's a Honda guy and I like Toyota. Another difference that seems a little more significant for our marriage right now is our Protective-Restrictive Difference. We can look at the exact same situation and think totally different things.

Some Small-scale Examples
Josh always wears shoes outside, and I would endure much pain if I can remain barefooted as long as possible. Shoes to Josh are protective, to me, restrictive. He would carefully take out a cutting board, and I'd dice the tomato from my hand. He would turn on lights, and I would run through the dark... while thinking, How far can I make it without running into or stepping on something? I totally used to do this as a kid through a yard with dog mines. True, the chance of injury (or stepping in poop) is greater for me, but time saved somehow seems worth it to me.
I'm time-oriented, and Josh is quality-oriented. We're grateful for this.

For me, I get some sort of thrill with the challenge. Josh is a little more practical, I think. He doesn't care so much if I swim across the pool faster, because in the end, he won't be the one who lost a contact, got a charley horse, and swallowed a bunch of chlorine.

How does this Protective-Restrictive Difference apply to life on a larger scale? I haven't quite figured that one out.

So when it comes time to buying a mini-van (cuz everyone's doin' it), which do we get? Honda or Toyota?


  1. Great post sweetie. Just one question though. I wonder if God is time oriented or quality oriented. : D

  2. hah i do the same. i wont bother with jackets or umbrellas until the weather is pretty much unbearable, or eat if i'm not really hungry. i don't know if it's time though, i think there are just better things to think about than my stomach, a little snow, or rain... things like this blog post?

  3. Very interesting. I'm very much Protective, but I still manage to step in every dog mine with all of my protective efforts. (Dad)

  4. Nice one, Honey.

    John, you and I are two peas in one pod.

    Dad, that's sooooooo true. *rolling on the floor laughing*


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