Friday, May 28, 2010

Costco Tips

Costco Wholesale
Since I'm done with my single cooking days, I've been shopping at Costco. This has been such a blessing since we often have family, friends, and neighbors dropping in for dinner. I've been learning a few things

  1. Don't shop more than once a week. This saves a lot of time and unnecessary spontaneous spending. I go to Costco and a regular grocery store in the same day.
  2. Compare prices.  Buying in bulk is not always cheaper than a regular grocery store.
  3. Portion control! Though buying in bulk saves lots of time and money, we need to be careful not to eat in bulk. Peanut butter and mango salsa are dangerous.
  4. Be selective. Though buying an item in bulk may be cheaper per ounce/pound, it may not be when I have to throw half of it away if we can't finish it before going bad.
  5. Store food. I like to keep extra food a bit out of reach so we don't go through it as fast. We have a freezer in the basement. I also have shelves that I can't reach without a stool. It's funny, but these things help stretch the food.
Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...
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