Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Improve Your Workspace

When my productivity went down at work, I decided, that one culprit was the space. It was a disaster, and there were days when I came to work, shot straight for my desk, and dreaded looking at my surroundings. So I did something about it and asked for help. A couple people at work came to my rescue. I must say, things are much happier these days.

It started off as a small project, but then we discovered that the wall behind some shelving was like cardboard. No wonder I could hear everything from next door.

A co-worker, volunteer, and I made use of everything we could on a limited budget. They worked on drywall and wiring and we all painted. I decided to paint the file cabinet. So glad.


It was a bit of a shock to everyone when I said that I wanted gray. I felt nervous about it too, but I felt like it would be a good color for a communications/publications office. Plus it won't effect the computer screen when I do editting. Ikea was the winner for furniture.

Then to add a little taste of the World Mission Prayer League, I pulled some pictures from the archives and put them in some clearanced frames.

Here's the final result. And a movement has begun. The business office and other offices on my floor are starting to transform! What do you do to improve your workspace?


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  1. Much improved! The nice thing about using a neutral such as gray, is that you can brighten it up with other colors and switch them out for a new color or two when you get tired of them.

  2. I love the gray. It is my new fave. Add in a bright like green, yellow, (the list is endless) and you are set! So pretty! Want to come and paint here with me?

  3. Wow, fantastic. I'm so glad you spruced things up. I'll bet you feel a lot better!

  4. Ruthie, that is amazing!

  5. It looks amazing Sweetheart. Good job to you and Chris and Jonathan.

  6. Thanks, I'm loving it! Come visit.


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