Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Climbing Counters & Ceiling Fans

What is the first thing you do when you know guests are coming?

I've heard all kinds of crazy things all the way to stashing dirty dishes in the oven. Now, I never do that, but I wouldn't blame you if you do because I have my very own quick-guests-are-coming routine.

I turn on the kitchen fan when guests come over.

Sure, it sounds ridiculous, but if you've ever had a fan in your kitchen you might get where I'm coming from. They get n-a-a-a-sty, but the secret is to leave it on. No one will know. (Josh didn't even know that's why I had the fan running all the time. I'm good.)

One day I was standing on the counter stashing some pantry items. I had turned the fan off, of course, to keep my head from getting lopped off. When I was eye level with the disgusting-ness, I knew I had to do something.

If you've ever tried wiping grease off a fan, you know it just smears all over the place. I had a learning to wife moment, climbed off the counter, and got this.

It solved all my problems.

And now I don't need to turn on the kitchen fan when guests come over. And when I asked Josh if he noticed anything different, he guessed that I painted it.  What are you embarrassed of? Even better, what are you no longer embarrassed of?


  1. It's bad when you turn the fan on and dust bunnies come flying down... I need to clean my fans.

  2. This is sooooo funny, Ruthie dear!

  3. I would have NEVER noticed your fan. But, I bet you wouldn't notice my...
    p.s. I've read Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret, Same guy as J. Hudson Taylor?
    I also love The Act of Marriage- VERY helpful!

  4. okay, it must be a LEE thing to photography your bucket of nasty cleaning water. mary posted a picture of her nasty mop bucket like a year ago.

  5. I LOVE your learning to wife blog! It's short and sweet, funny, and I learn something new in each of your posts... So fun!

  6. Brook: Same Hudson Taylor, missionary to China. :) If you like that sort of read, you'll probably enjoy A Chance to Die by Amy Charmichael.

    Rachel: Doesn't it give you a sense of accomplishment? How would you like to scrub and scrub and look into crystal clear water? I'd think, "Something is so not working. Break out the Orange."


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