Saturday, February 16, 2013

When it's 106, sometimes you just need to ask

The palace of Ghanaian female chief
Taken by Joshua Wagner
My hubs, 7.5month-old, and I moved to Ghana for three months. I'm super excited to write about some of the experiences that I'm having here. Some days absolutely everything seems different from my wonderful and frozen Minnesota, and other days, I feel like this could be home.

When we moved into our room here in Ghana, we were so impressed with the accommodations, we thought little of the fact we couldn't get the A/C to turn on. We adjusted quickly to the 102-106 degrees F. Or, should I say 39-41 C? Our neighbor was talking about her A/C last night, so I thought I might as well ask the receptionist about ours. In a beautiful way, she walked down the porch, stood on a chair, and flipped a switch. 

A week and a half into our stay, we turned on our A/C.

Between the extreme desert dryness and the blast of heat when I walk outside, I'm not sure using the A/C is the best idea. But that decision isn't for tonight since we're enjoying it sooo much.

The Sun of Tamale, Northern Ghana
Taken by Joshua Wagner


  1. I am loving these new updates! I am so excited for the amazing journey you are taking! What a beautiful little boy you have! Can't wait to read more.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Lesa, and for linking to your blog. You look so happy as a mommy! How old is your little one now?


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