Friday, May 6, 2011

What makes my tiny kitchen so lovable?

Our kitchen is minuscule, but it gets a lot of love. Josh has helped me utilize the space, and its best feature is a tall ceiling. I would love to paint and organize a bit more, but I thought I'd let you peek at one of my favorite places.

Here are the things that make my kitchen so lovable:

Pot Rack
Spice Shelves
Industrial Shelving (under the counter)
Pegboard (above the oven)
Knife Magnet
Coffee Bar (above the sink)
Shelving (above the cupboards)
Under-Cabinet Lighting (just for romance)
Padded Floor Mat
Red Cupboard Curtains


  1. Love your blog! :) I became a new follower! Erin

  2. Love the pegboard! I've gotta do that someday too!

  3. Good job with the storage options. I have been meaning to get a knife magnet. I think it would totally help in our kitchen too.

  4. Your kitchen is one of the best used spaces I have ever seen!

  5. Thank everyone! I must say, the knife magnet keeps me sane.

  6. where do you hang your pot rack? i have always wanted one, but don't know where i would put it.

  7. I have a REALLY tall ceiling so I have it hanging in the corner out of site. It bolted into the ceiling. It's hard to reach the pots sometimes, but I like it that way. Josh is over 6' and never bonks his head.


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