Friday, June 21, 2013

Dearest 1-year-old

Dearest Firstborn,

Good morning, my son. I became your Grandma and Grandpa Lee this morning as I cut your pancakes exactly like they did mine over twenty years ago. It's your birthday, and I want this day to be special for you even though you won't remember anything. I want to strengthen your sense of belonging in our family and show you the love we have for you.

You're no longer 0. We've been trying to teach you to hold up your finger and say "one" for the past couple days, and you look at us curiously. You're processing so much now, and your imitation ability is growing. We celebrated two nights ago at a Twins game, and you happily repeated base as "bsss" and have been saying it ever since. Baseball must have made quite the impression on you, like it did your daddy. Maybe you also will learn to take your glove to baseball games and hope like everything to catch a ball in the nosebleeds.

You're learning furiously --- saying "pizzz" for please, and repeating "pee pee" at diaper changes and "baby" when you see a baby or doll, smacking your lips for hungry, clapping your hands for all done or amen, applauding when happy, shaking and nodding your head appropriately, throwing things away or handing them to people, drumming on containers, opening and closing doors and cupboards (and dishwashers and drawers). Your favorite it dancing! Our favorites are still "Mamama" and "Dadada," and sometimes we get an "-y" on the end which absolutely melts us.

Yes, we are smitten with you.

Most of all, we want you to know that you are wonderfully loved by your Savior, Jesus. You are his precious child, bought with his blood and washed clean in baptism. Your daddy and I pray that you will fall deeply in love with Him, but even more, know His love and sacrifice for you.
Precious son, I love you.


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  1. So sweet! Happy birthday, adorable Elijah. We still can't wait to meet you.


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