Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Relationship is the currency of Africa

"How's Africa?" - You might ask.

I knew right away when we got off the plane in Accra, Ghana, that our next three months would be incredibly different from the previous three years of marriage we completed. 

Ghanaian children near Tamale, Ghana
(Taken by Joshua Wagner)

Relationship is the currency of Africa. Two of the most common phrases used here are "You are welcome" and "You are invited." The first is used to welcome people into a their homes, stores, or simply their presence. The second is often used to share a meal. If you happen to be near anyone eating, they will invite you to share their food. It's beautiful.

"How's Elijah in Africa?" Well, take a look here and see for yourself. He looks like this almost all day, everyday. 

Or, maybe you're wondering what on earth we're doing over here. If you'd like to follow the ministry we are a part of, check out our Facebook, WAGNER UPDATES, and you'll find pictures, descriptions and updates like below. I'll give you a hint: We're about making God's Word accessible in people's heart languages.


  1. Elijah seems to be having a blast! Was an amazing experiance for you all!

  2. It is awesome, isn't it?? :-) I learn more about God's heart from my African brothers/sisters everyday. :-)

  3. @Lesa It's true, he is.
    @Joshua Thanks, honey!
    @Beth It so is. Going to your blog right now :)


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